Averil Gumbs named 2019 National Bank International Woman of the Year in Education

Averil Gumbs is the 2019 National Bank International Woman of the Year in education
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Averil Gumbs is the 2019 National Bank International Woman of the Year in Education

Averil Gumbs, an educator for over 33 years, has been named the 2019 National Bank International Woman of the Year recipient in Education as a part of the bank’s commemoration of Women’s History Month, which is  celebrated annually in March.

Anthony Morton, Executive Marketing Manager of St. Kitts Nevis Anguilla National Bank, said that the bank is please to recognize a lady who has dedicated herself selflessly to service over the years. He said that the bank has chosen to recognize four women in the Federation in the month of March who have made meaningful and invaluable contributions in the areas of Law Enforcement, Health, Social Development and Education.

“We take this opportunity to acknowledge and convey our appreciation to the entire teaching body, but especially to all women in the Ministry of Education during International Women’s Month, who worked tirelessly to nurture, develop, and educate all the students of this great Federation,” said Morton.

Mrs. Carla Diamond, Education Officer with responsibility for St. Paul’s Primary School, said that Gumbs has made invaluable contributions to not only the St. Paul’s Primary School, but the community at large.

She explained that the criteria for selection were a teacher who promotes active learning and successfully encourages students to think critically, imaginatively, and independently in school and beyond the classroom.

“Ms. Gumbs is renowned for her contribution not only to the school with the reading programme which is exemplary and second to none nationally, but she is also known for her community involvement. She embodies all the qualities of a successful woman and today we want to give her due praise, acknowledgement and award,” Diamond said.

She added that, “the Ministry of Education is extremely proud of the works and contribution you have made not just to this school and this community but to national building.”

Mr. Darryl Lloyd, Chief Education Officer, said that he was pleased to be a witness to the grand occasion to celebrate a fellow colleague who is being recognized by National Bank.

“Today I stand with immense pride as I honour one of my fellow colleagues who has given outstanding service to this nation. Ms. Averil Gumbs, reading teacher at the St. Paul’s Primary School has been selected as the teacher to receive this prestigious award. She continues to serve with distinction and has dedicated herself to a career as an educator. She has fostered a culture of inclusiveness and commitment to the task which has improved the overall culture of the St. Paul’s Primary School,” he stated.

He said that she has worked in the field of education for well over 30 years and has come to epitomize the values and attitudes that the Ministry of Education expects in its educators.

Gumbs was awarded with an EC$500.00 National Bank Visa Card.

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