Ballots to be examined in East Basseterre Election Petition

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Justice Trevor Ward on Friday ordered that the rejected ballots from the East Basseterre Constituency be examined.

Ian ‘Patches Liburd of the Peoples Action Movement was the incumbent of that constituency and lost the June 5 election by 24 votes with more than 90 ballots being rejected.

Following the announcements of the results, Liburd was quick to make his intentions clear to challenge the results citing his dissatisfaction with the counting of the ballots.

The date that has been designated by the court for the official examination of the boxes is Friday, October 2.

Last Thursday, arguments in the case were heard, with Liburd’s legal team led by Douglas Mendes arguing that the constituency was robbed of the representative they voted for.

On the other hand, Hanley’s team led By Antony Astaphan argued that the ballots in question were not legal and should not be counted.








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