Bandits Shoot Businessman in Face

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Trisha La Place

The Observer

Two bandits shot a Sandy Point business man in the face in an attempt to rob him of money.

St.Clair Warner, owner of Dollar Stretcher supermarket, was shot in the face about 9:50 p.m. last Saturday evening.

St.Clair’s wife, who decline to state her first name to The Observer, stated that after checking the day’s earnings, her husband would deposit the money at the St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank branch in Sandy Point.

According to the wife, that night after closing the supermarket, Warner left his business to deposit the daily earnings.

St.Clair left his vehicle and walked over to the bank, which is located on the island’s main road. As he stepped up to enter the deposit into the slot two individuals attacked him in an effort to take away his money, Mrs. Warner said.

She said when the two perpetrators realized they were unsuccessful in their attempts to immobilize Warner, they shot him in the face, in the left jaw.

The masked men then ran away.

Mrs Warner said, fighting for his life, Warner managed to walk down to the Sandy Point Police Station, which is about two minutes away from National Bank.

Inspector Rogers stated that the two young men are now in police custody and are assisting them with information concerning the incident.

Mrs. Warber said her husband was released Monday from the JNF Hospital and now is at home were he can finally recuperate from the tragic incident.

Warner’s wife assured The Observer that her husband is now in good hands.

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