Barbadian Singer Rihanna Births Mystery Baby.

Image credit" Twitter. Secrecy seems to surround the pregancies of the Barbados-born mother of two.
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Popular singer Rihanna’s second child with boyfriend A$AP Rocky has been welcomed into the world, as the singer gave birth to a second baby boy, a brother for RZA Athelston Mayers. The name of the child is as yet unknown, but possibly begins with the letter R, according to Rihanna experts.

The singer, who is perhaps best known for her first breakthrough hit Umbrella,  first announced she was expecting a second baby as she performed at the Super Bowl half-time show in February.

Fans were stunned when they witnessed her rub her stomach as she was lowered into the stadium. While she didn’t confirm the news during her songs, a statement was released almost immediately after confirming the family’s exciting news.

Sources told TMZ that the baby was actually born secretly back on August 3, but they didn’t spill the kid’s name. Rumour has it that the first letter is a ‘R’, though. The couple’s first son is named ‘RZA’, so this is the start of a pattern for the parents.

As of now, both of the parents have been radio silent. They haven’t yet confirmed anything on social media or in a statement, seeing anticipation for the official announcement build. Last time, she released a full maternity shoot and the topless pictures didn’t come until days after RZA’s first baby snaps.

So, it is unclear if Rihanna will do the same for this birth, too. Optimists would point out that she did caption the post ‘#toobecontinued’, so that could bring fans a new set of pictures. Regardless, fans are already reacting.

One wrote on Twitter: “I feel like Rihanna was pregnant with her 2nd baby for like 3 months.” While all of her fans were happy for the second-time parents, some were still hoping for album news. One said: “Y’all never getting that album cause Rihanna gon get her baby girl.”

Shortly before her pregnancy news was confirmed, she expressed her plans to expand her family. She told British Vogue: “My wish would be I would like to have more kids, but whatever God wants for me, I’m here. I’m open [to whatever baby gender next]. Girl, boy. Whatever.”

Sources: TMZ, Daily Mirror, news agencies.
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