Barbados Bans UK Poultry as Bird Flu Spreads

The new ban on poultry products also applies to passengers travelling from the United Kingdom with those products
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BARBADOS HAS temporarily banned poultry imports from the United Kingdom.

This comes as the UK faces its largest outbreak of Avian Influenza virus, on record.

So far, the bird flu outbreak has led to the death of 3.8 million birds in the UK.

Chief Veterinary Officer from Veterinary Services, Dr Mark Trotman, issued a ban on poultry, live birds and poultry products from the UK.

He said: “Although there have been no human cases of the outbreak, this virus has the potential to infect humans.

“As with most diseases that are not present in this area, the best protection is strengthening quarantine measures.”

According to Dr Trotman, the new ban has come into effect immediately.

The new restrictions will also apply to travellers coming from the UK with personal fresh or cooked poultry products.

Fully-cooked products in hermetically sealed packages (cans) are the only exception to the rules.

He also announced that no further permits or licences for the importation of the restricted products will be issued.

The outbreak has spread from farms and according to several reports more than 30 birds have died in Hyde Park and Kensington Palace parks, which experts believe is linked to the  growing outbreak of avian flu.

Dr Trotman added that the new  restrictions do not apply to commercial imports of processed poultry products.

He said all commercial imports must be accompanied by an official veterinary export health certificate, which proves the products have been processed to ensure the avian influenza virus has been destroyed.

These products include:

  • Processed (heat-treated) egg and poultry meat products
  • Heat-treated poultry meat products in a hermetically sealed container
  • Extruded dry pet food and coated ingredients after extrusion;
  • Rendered meat-and-bone meal, blood meal, feather meal, and poultry oil;
  • Washed and steam-dried feathers and down from poultry and other birds.

The Barbados Veterinary Services say they will continue to  monitor the on-going situation with bird flu outbreak across the UK.

The outbreak has also impacted the supply of eggs to British supermarkets.

Many of the major retailers have said eggs will be rationed until Spring 2023.

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