Barbados Don’t Play: BBC Soccer Pundit Arrested For Quarantine Breach.

Photo by Srdjan Stevanovic/Getty Images. Aluko shows off her soccer moves.
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(Daily Mail)–Former England footballer Eni Aluko wept outside a Barbados court on Saturday after she was let off for a breach of the country’s quarantine rules following her arrival for a vacation.

Aluko, 33, was photographed on a bus by a member of the public who spread the image on social media and accused her of failing to remain in her hotel while awaiting the results of a coronavirus test performed at the airport

Visitors to Barbados from the UK are classed as ‘medium risk’ and required to arrive with a negative coronavirus test, or take a coronavirus test on arrival in the country and quarantine in a hotel until the results are available.

Ms Aluko admitted the charges of leaving the Little Arches hotel in Christ Church  before learning the result of her test and was released with a reprimand in a Barbados court, according to local media.

The former footballer, who is now a pundit with the BBC and other broadcasters, called the episode a misunderstanding and told the court that she believed she had to wait a maximum of 12 hours, rather than until the results came through.

She later claimed on Twitter that she had followed all the rules before posting on Instagram, asking for people not to misjudge her true intentions.

If travellers arrive in Barbados with a negative coronavirus test result of the wrong type, they are required to take another one at the airport and await the results in their hotel.

She said: ‘A misunderstanding that has now been fully resolved. I followed all the rules coming into Barbados and arrived with a negative Covid test result and did another test on arrival.

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