Basseterre Public Market Now Features Online Ordering

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 The Basseterre Public Market has taken a huge step forward, as persons now have the option of ordering fresh produce from local vendors from the comfort of their homes, via an online portal.

Vendor and buyer at the Basseterre Public Market.

The launch of the new online platform came after officials from 869ToGo provided E-Service training to staff of the Basseterre Public Market.

Minister of Agriculture, the Honourable Samal Duggins addressed the launch ceremony on Friday, November 10. In his remarks, the minister said this new offering fits nicely with today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

“Our society has transformed from the society that wakes up at 5:00 a.m. on Saturdays and venture to the public market to pick up our fresh produce. People have become busier, work schedules more demanding and a number of other factors have really presented challenges for our people to do that. Here though, we are minimizing that gap. Here, we are transforming the sector because now one can stay in the comfort of their own home, they can stay at the desk in their office or wherever they are, go online and order food and have it delivered right to where they are. That is transformation,” said Minister Duggins.

In addition, the honourable minister said that this initiative augments well with other programmes of the Department of Agriculture, such as the hugely successful Agri-Night Markets, that increase accessibility to farmers in St. Kitts.

He said, “This is our commitment to you our farmers, not just to ask you to produce more food but to provide more access for you to sell that food because we understand that your hard work must be compensated with revenue from what you [produce]. You [farmers] deserve a high standard of living and you have our commitment from the ministry and the department to do everything in our power to make sure that we bring that hard-earned revenue to you.”

Meanwhile, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, Mr. Miguel Flemming commented that this is part of the ministry’s overall plan to fully upgrade the Basseterre Public Market.

“We’re going to continue of course not just to bring online ordering, but to upgrade the overall appearance of the public market, and so I am happy that we are able to launch today after having much conversation on how we can get persons to patronize the vendors in the market,” Permanent Secretary Flemming said.

The Basseterre Public Market’s online ordering services can be accessed via

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