BBC Presenter Scandal Goes From Bad To Worse–Again, As More Men Step Forward.

Photo credit: The Sun. During Covid-19 curfews normally busy places like train stations were almost completely deserted as passengers were forced to stay at home except for going out to work.
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By Editor-July 12th, 2023.

The Sun, Britain’s favourite Rupert Murdoch-owned scandal sheet, has continued with further revelelations regarding the mysterious program  “presenter” who has been accused by the parents of giving a young person 35, 000 UK pounds over three years, which was allegedly used mainly to fuel a crack cocaine habit.

Now the Sun is distancing itself from that element of the story, after the person at the centre of the story, now aged 20 and legally an adult, insisted via a letter from a high-priced London law firm, that the newspaper’s claims of illegal behaviour were “rubbish”.

Now there are two new stories in The Sun.

Firstly the newspaper said it has seen messages which suggest the presenter travelled to see the 23-year-old in February 2021, after meeting them on a dating website the previous November.

The 23-year-old told the newspaper the presenter travelled from London to a different county to meet them at their flat. At this time strict coronavirus lockdown rules were in place, including a stay at home order and mixing only between household bubbles.

In Britain breaches of Covid curfews were considered particularly heinous at the time and visiting strangers for dates was completely illegal.

The young person told the newspaper: “He came round for an hour…. We just chatted. He was obsessed with me making him a cup of tea.”

According to The Sun, the same day the presenter sent the young man 200 pounds via PayPal, the first of three payments, the others being for 200 pounds and 250 pounds. No explanation was given as to why the presenter was donating these monies to someone he had met on a first date.

And then there was yet another story in The Sun about yet another completely different young man who came forward and alleged that he they  threatened by “expletive-filled” messages from the BBC presenter, after meeting him on a dating app and then chatting on social media,

The young man, who was in his early twenties said that eventually the presenter revealed his identity and asked the young person not to tell anyone.

However the friendship did not develop, and the young person later posted online alluding to having had contact with a BBC presenter and hinting they might name him.

The individual said the presenter then sent a number of “threatening messages”, which BBC News says it has seen and confirmed came from the presenter’s phone number, which the newsroom presumably already knew.

Meanwhile, an unnamed police force outside of London has told the BBC that it was contacted back in April by the parents of the first young person, now aged 20 and at the centre of initial allegations reported in The Sun.

The force said “no criminality was identified” at the time. But it added that it had since met the Metropolitan Police and BBC officials and “as a result of recent developments, further enquiries are ongoing to establish whether there is evidence of a criminal offence” such as handline indecent photographs of a person under the age of 18, which is a criminal offence in England and Wales.

What the next instalment in this saga will bring, no one quite knows.

Sources: The Sun, news agencies, BBC News.
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