Local Cockleshell Bay Beach bar operator who had his business deconstructed may see a resolution to this matter in the near future…but it may not be to his liking. Local officials are in the process of deciding which type of structures can be erected on the beach.

Dwight Molinueaux, who owns and operates the beach bar called “Going To The Beach and rents beach chairs in that area, was left disappointed when a few months ago he showed up to the beach only to see his bar in pieces on the ground.

Molineaux indicated to the Observer that he had all the requisite licenses to build a bar on the beach have been fighting to keep his bar alive since September when it was built and the Physical and Planning Board gave him a letter that indicated that he had 28 days to break down the bar.

He indicated that he went to his representative The Hon. Ian ‘Patches’ Liburd who intervened, averting the action, or so he thought.

On November 24, however, when Molineaux went to open his bar the wooden structure had been floored the night before.

“I went over to work and the beach bar was on the ground and I want to know who would be compensating me for it,” he told the Observer

He stated that he was unsure of who had destroyed his bar but believes it was someone in authority. Molineaux added that he was not even warned the structure would be taken down.

Addressing the matter Minster of Tourism Linsday Grant reminded that thought the government of St. Kitts and Nevis owns no land on the Southeast Peninsula which includes Cockleshell Bay where the bar is located

He then explained what the circumstances were leading to the destruction of the bar.

“The issue with Dwight Molineaux however, as he knows, he did not get planning permission to build the beach bar and as a consequence of he not having permission it was removed under the instructions of the department of planning.”

Grant however noted that Molineaux will get priority when a decision has been made as to what structure will be allowed on the beach.

“I spoke to Mr. Molineaux and I said to him that we the Ministry of Tourism are in the process of working out some plans as to what structure we would allow on the beach and as soon as we are completed in the structures we are going to entertain on the beach he will get first preference.”

“We are still in the process and as soon as we are completed Mr. Molineaux would be advised accordingly and given his rightful place,”Grant added.

Grant added that they don’t want any further degeneration that what has already been taking place.

Molineaux however disclosed that despite the setbacks he will still continue operations on the beach.