Beekeepers Attend Apiculture Workshop In St. Lucia

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St. Lucia – The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food Security, and Rural Development organized a three-day workshop on the business of apiculture, aimed at enhancing the honey production sector. The sessions focused on changing the mindset of beekeepers toward adopting modern practices, registering their businesses, and exploring avenues to add value to honey.

Attention was also given to aspects concerning public health in beekeeping including food handling, honey specifications, and the implementation of a code of practice.

Beekeeper Michael Biro was among the 30 participants who engaged in presentations and interactive discussions that focused on modern techniques to boost honey production and quality, and personal development strategies.

“The sessions help us formulate business plans and set goals. We have ideas, but when we get new information, it helps to guide us. For example, yesterday we were looking at the importance of being persistent – focus, achieve our goals, and allow others to be empowered also.”

Coordinator of the Culture Commodity attached to the Livestock Services Division, Charise Auguste Hyacinthe, emphasized the multifaceted approach taken during the sessions.

“We considered the impact of this in the supermarkets, in the chain lines, people buying honey and in the improvement of the product. We also considered getting the farmers certified in food handling so that they could sell to the larger market.”

Empowered by the business strategies and modern practices divulged by the Ministry of Agriculture’s workshop on apiculture, beekeepers are primed to revolutionize the honey production sector, promising heightened market presence, and enhanced product quality.

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