Bermuda Police To Vote On Covid-19 Austerity Pay Cut.

Photo: Wikipedia Creative Commons. This photo is believed to have been taken circa 2010. The "Bird Cage" on Front Street, Hamilton is perhaps the best known view of the Bermuda Police in action, although not truly representative of all police functions.
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HAMILTON, Bermuda–September 29th, 2020–The Bermuda government announced yesterday that after many weeks of negotiations it has reached agreement in principle with the Bermuda Police Association (BPA) for the Police participate in the austerity measures program for a 12-month period.

However the Police will still receive the cost of living increase of 2.5% for fiscal 2017/18 and 2.0% for 2018/19 which is in line with the agreements reached with all other Public Officers.

The Minister for the Cabinet Office, the Hon. Wayne Furbert said, “The successful negotiation of the new agreement is the latest step in an ongoing effort by the Bermuda Government to establish effective relationships with our Union partners.

“This outcome is reflective of the strong collaborative relationship that is evolving.  It also highlights that these Officers, like public officers in other sectors, have a willingness and desire to support the community during these trying economic times.

“The Government is also particularly pleased as conclusion of these negotiations will see the first new Conditions of Service Order for the Police since 2002.

“The Government is grateful to the teams which were engaged in the deliberations over the several month period and looks forward to working with the other uniformed services unions.”

While everything appears to be hunky-dory according to the government press statement, Bermuda’s daily newspaper, The Royal Gazette reported today that the deal is not yet final until it passes a vote by the police officers. It appears from comments by Royal Gazette readers that negotiations with correctional officers and firefighters are still pending.

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