Bermuda Records 1st Murder of 2023

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The Bermuda Police announced they had made an arrest after the body of a 23-year-old man identified as Kyari Flood was found with gunshot wounds.

Detective Inspector Jason Smith told a news conference that a man was in custody helping officers investigating the murder that is Bermuda’s first for 2023.

The island recorded nine murders in 2022.

Flood’s body was discovered on Monday at a site described by police as “a secluded overgrown area” off Border Lane South and Friswells Road in the central parish of Pembroke.

Police said he had gunshot wounds, and they confirmed residents had reported hearing gunshots the night before, but a search of the surroundings that night did not uncover anything.

Flood had been the victim of gunfire before, in an attack in March 2020 that claimed the life of Clarke Fox.

He was wounded when the two were pursued and shot by two people on a motorcycle. He had been known to the courts for a robbery in January 2018 and in March last year he was found not guilty of attempted murder.

Kyari Flood lived in Pembroke but also spent time in the United Kingdom where he had been given permission to live with his father while on probation but was given jail time in 2020 after he returned to the island without informing his probation officer.



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