Bermuda Returning To Normal After Hurricane Paulette, But Still No Buses.

Photo: Government of Bermuda. The island's iconic pink buses are currently off the road due to post hurricane cleanup efforts, however the airport is open and most services are back to normal in the Atlantic island group.
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Hamilton, Bermuda–September 16th,2020–

The Bermuda Department of Public Transportation (DPT) today issued a bulletin to advise the public that due to the hazards of overhanging power lines and vegetation left in the wake of Hurricane Paulette, the public bus service will be unable to resume today as planned.

The DPT says that the relevant agencies are making every effort to remove these hazards as soon as possible to make the roads safe for the bus service to resume.

“The public will be advised at the earliest when services will resume.”

Yesterday Minister of National Security, Renee Ming had said that overnight several thousand households and businesses regained electricity–a testament to the hard work being done by the staff of BELCO and the Royal Bermuda Regiment, Parks and Public Work crews clearing debris from the main roads, and traffic is flowing fairly unhindered.

As of their last report BELCO had reported that there were around just over 3,900 customers without power.

However, it appears that the roads are not yet quite clear enough for Bermuda’s iconic pink buses to operate, hence Bermuda’s teachers have been ordered to report for duty at government schools, but the students have been told to stay home until the buses are back in business.

Meanwhile there are no plans to delay the upcoming general election in Bermuda.

The Governor has the power under election laws to postpone an election and call another one no more than 30 days later in the event of a hurricane or other significant events,but Governor John Rankin says he has no plans to use those powers.

David Burt, the Premier, yesterday agreed with the Governor: “We do not believe that there’s any need for the postponement,” he said.


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