BHS Stakeholders To Get Access To NIOSH Report Tomorrow LK Hewlett Story Updated: July 28 th 2015 at 3:50 pm
The contents of the NIOSH report on tests done at the Basseterre High School will tomorrow (July 28) be revealed to stakeholder groups, after being received by the government a month ago. Minister of Education Hon. Shawn Richards announced it this morning during the sitting of the National Assembly. “There is a meeting scheduled with the stakeholders for tomorrow at 10 to review and discuss the contents of the NIOSH report,” he said. Stakeholders such as the St. Kitts Teachers Union, BHS management and Parent Teacher Association (PTA) have not been privy to the results of the investigative tests done by the CDC agency, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Testing of the air quality and tests on other areas of the school premises were carried out with a view to determine if the cause of illnesses experienced by staff and students lies with conditions at the facility. The only ‘information’ the government has divulged regarding the contents of the report, is what was not contained, namely soil tests. Senator Wendy Phipps informed last week that the NIOSH results were had in four of the five areas of remit. She said the government would have to ascertain why the critical area was omitted. The members of the opposition Labour Party have accused the government of concealing the report in order to “edit” it.