BHS Students Displaced Again : Temporary Classrooms Not Ready LK Hewlett Story Updated: September 29th 2015 at 11:20 am
Third formers of the Basseterre High School turned up to school Monday morning (Sept 28) only to learn they had nowhere to attend classes. That was the scenario yesterday for dozens of BHS students who had been housed at the AVEC campus since the start of the new school year Sept 7. That arrangement was supposed to be temporary, however, as they were to have been relocated to the wooden temporary building taken from BHS campus and situated opposite the Beach Allen Primary School on or before Sept 21 when AVEC was scheduled to begin its new term. As rumor spread yesterday that BHS third formers had been sent home, The Observer attempted to reach BHS principal Ron Collins without success. Later that day this publication spoke to one of the affected students. He said they had all gathered at the Warner Park for general Assembly Monday morning and the principal informed that third formers were not to report to AVEC as usual. He said Collins relayed that AVEC had been written to/contacted and asked to delay its commencement of class for that day in order that another arrangement could be made for BHS. It was claimed AVEC never responded and its students turned up for classes. BHS students remained at Warner Park in the netball facility for the remainder of the day. “We didn’t do any work; I didn’t see most of my teachers all day,” the student revealed. He said when school ended that afternoon, they had no idea what Tuesday would bring. “No one told us anything so we just assume we would report to Warner Park in the morning (Tuesday) and see what happens,” he said. The Observer spoke with Minister of Education Hon. Shawn Richards yesterday, who was overseas at the time. When asked about the timeframe for students to occupy the wooden building on the new site, Minister Richards said “if not by later this week, then by Monday”. With regard the arrangement at AVEC, he said BHS and AVEC students will be sharing that facility in the meantime. The Observer has not been able to reach Principal Collins for an update as calls to his cell phone go unanswered and the office number for the school continues to give a busy signal.