BHS Third Formers Share Facility With AVEC LK Hewlett Story Updated: September 29th 2015 at 3:10 pm
The displaced third form students of the Basseterre High School returned to class yesterday (Sept 29), sharing the AVEC facility with the vocational students. On Monday the students were relegated to the Warner Park Netball facility after AVEC reopened for the new school year. The BHS students had since the start of the school term, Sept 7, been occupying the AVEC facility until the temporary building to house them could be relocated from the BHS campus to a new site south of the Beach Allen Primary School. The AVEC arrangement had been temporary, said Minister of Education Hon. Shawn Richards, as the students were to have moved into the wooden building before AVEC was scheduled to reopen on Sept 21. He informed the Observer Monday that students from both institutions will be sharing the AVEC facility until the move. Hon. Richards described Monday’s debacle as an unfortunate turn of events. ” When the new arrangement was implemented it was expected that from time to time challenges would arise. What transpired on Monday was one such challenge which we have been able to overcome. Unfortunately classes were disrupted mainly due to the fact that a building which should have been available has been met with some unexpected delays,” he told The Observer Wednesday (Sept 30). Richards assured that his Ministry and relevant stakeholders were on top of the situation. “The Ministry, in consultation with stakeholders, was able to minimize the disruption by making other arrangements,” he said. “What one must bear in mind here is that a few hours of disruption is far better than what subsisted before whereby students were attending school only part time for two consecutive terms.” The Minister expects the BHS third form students to be relocated to the temporary building by the end of this week “or at the latest, Monday”. Students from the Basseterre High School presently attend classes in separate forms at different locations in relatively close proximity. The splitting up of the school was made necessary as the Ministry of Education and other stakeholders took a decision to depart from months of facility sharing between BHS and the Washington Archibald High School. The BHS campus on Victoria Road was abandoned in November due to continuous outbreaks of illnesses among staff and students. Minister Richards has defended the new arrangements for BHS as being the only solution that saw the students of both BHS and WAHS going back to full time classes until a new school can be constructed for Basseterre High.