Students and staff of the Basseterre High and Washington Archibald High schools are settling into their new class schedules with the new shift system. Yesterday (Nov 17) WAHS began attending school from 8am to 1:15pm and BHS from 1:30pm to 5:45pm. There was much concern from the BHS management and parents about the logistics with regard the 5 th form classes after WAHS management stipulated their 5 th formers should not be disrupted. The Observer learnt that the BHS 5 th form classes are being housed upstairs the dental facility opposite the WAHS. Principal Carlene Morton commended the students of that form for turning up to help arrange desks and chairs in their make-shift classrooms. They attend school during the traditional school period of 8:30am to 3:30pm. Students from other forms also attend classes in the facility on a periodic basis. A number of specialty classrooms (labs) have been assigned to each school however both are working out the logistics of using the other’s lab space once it is not being used by the school to which it is assigned. At a recent PTA meeting, school management and the PTA president admonished parents to ensure their children are productively occupied during ‘down time’ and to speak to them about not loitering before and after classes.