By Ketricia Finch

St. Kitts Reporter

By now, everyone is aware of the rampant spreading of explicit videos of school girls especially via blue tooth cellular phones in our Federation. Our society is considered one that allows the free will of belonging to any religion one chooses, however Christianity is dominant. So why are these youth taking part in activities that aren’t following the moral beliefs of the bible? The observer went out and asked individuals who they believe are the persons most responsible for these inappropriate acts, whether it be the girls themselves, the men, parents, the media, the community, the law or even the schools.

Who should be blamed for the girls behaviour?

‘Humble’, Farmer – I would say everybody is responsible, but the girls have mostly to do with it because I don’t believe certain girls in society would ever be found on a cellular phone doing all kind of unnecessary things. It’s always about you and it’s your choice. Of course it’s not right for the guys to be broadcasting that kind of behaviour. If something happen between you and somebody, that’s between you and them. If it’s a plan, then that’s something different. To the parents, just teach them the best way you can and show them the right path. There’s nothing much more you can do. Everybody have a choice and don’t matter how good you train your children, in the end it is going to be their choice. When they take the wrong path, they could remember that they mother or father showed them the options.

‘The King’, Taxi Driver – More than one person is responsible in that situation. The age of the child has a lot to do with it and the parents also have some responsibility. The person who lay with them is also to blame, the men. Some of the ladies don’t know that they are being videotaped, but others are aware and I find that those who are aware are just worthless. Just because they feel that people who hear about it don’t know them, they feel they can go in the bed and do all kind of nonsense. Some of the girls don’t care and whether they get taped or not, they know they are getting some money. It reminds me of the ‘L Greene’ incident.

‘Tech 9’, Self Employed – I blame it on the men and the girls. Most of the girls know that they are being taped because they smile and so for the camera. Sometimes they do it for money. Some of them parents don’t have it.

‘Sprengy’, Water Department – Sometimes the parents don’t know what their children are doing. The kids play nicey nicey at home and when they go out, then they do what they have to do and find they wildness. I don’t think the media have anything to do with what’s going on. Even cartoons have in violence and everything just like BET, even sexually content. The individuals who are on the tape are the ones responsible. Some of them have these modern phones and their parents don’t know they have them because when they go home, they change over the chip from they upgraded phone and put it in the one their mother give them. You can’t put all the blame on the parents.

‘Bonza’, Broker – The persons who are actually making the video are the ones who are responsible, the girls and the men. Between the girls and the fellows thought, the fellows are most responsible because if they are doing something with somebody, they shouldn’t have to tape and broadcast it. You deal with your personal matter privately. Sometimes guys have somebody taping and the girls probably don’t know. Some of them do know that they are being taped though. Also, some of these school kids who have these high-tech phones and their parents don’t question them about it, like it doesn’t matter to them. Some of them who going to school, their parents are not going to buy them type of phones. Children also like to follow the videos that they see on TV and it could be that that is causing some kind of effect on them.

Elvis, Sandy Point – I’m not really from here but I saw something during my stay that was disturbing. A guy was taping a girl with his phone at one of them clubs. The girl had on a revealing top. After a while the girl got up and left when she found out. What do you get out of that? You can’t just intrude on people like that. I see that kind of behaviour everywhere I go like Miami and Jamaica. Sometimes the ladies are not getting anything out of these tapes, but the guys are making big money. If you are doing something with a girl, why do you want to broadcast it? You are going to make everybody feel bad about her. That’s not good. So, I blame it on the men. If you are doing something, why do you want to make the girl look bad at the end of the day?