Blood In The Streets Of London As Cavalry Charge Disrupts Morning Commute.

Photo: File. Horse and guard in normal operational mode in London, 2023.
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Five Household Cavalry horses unseated their riders and galloped off down busy London streets bumping into buses and taxis after being upset by loud noises from a nearby building site near Buckingham Palace this morning, an Army spokesman has told the BBC.

The commotion erupted when the horses from the Household Cavalry, which were conducting an extended exercise for an upcoming military parade were scared by falling concrete at a building site in the  Belgravia neighborhood and threw off their riders.

All the horses have now been recovered and taken back to their stables, but during their high-speed run through London several are believed to have collided with vehicles and  some spectators reported seeing blood in the streets.

We do not yet have details of how badly injured any of the horses are.

A witness who saw two of the escaped horses running through London told the BBC it looked like a film set:

“I saw two horses, a white horse and a dark horse. The white horse was covered in blood.

“They were going really really fast, really galloping down the road. Other people around me were really shocked. I thought I was watching a film at first.”

Shortly before midday, clean-up workers from TFL arrived at the scene in Limehouse where two horses were recovered.

One of the men said they had also attended the scene where a different horse crashed into a tour bus in central London.

He explained that they normally attend other types of traffic accidents.

Some residents nearby said they heard disruption outside but did not think the horse had been in distress.

One woman and her granddaughter, who did not want to be named, said they saw the ambulances and crew arrive to retrieve the horses – but there were no obvious signs of distress.

The BBC  heard from some of the Londoners who saw the loose horses this morning.

One man said he did a  double-take as one of the runaway horses galloped past him as he exited Victoria Station.

“I thought, ‘I swear that was a horse’. But it was pretty early and I was still half asleep so I wasn’t sure if it was.

“So I went to check it out and as I turned the corner there was a massive, loud crash and the horse had gone head on with a parked bus.

“The horse was standing in the middle of the road quite shocked. It was pretty horrible to be honest and the horse was bleeding quite a lot but a few people were trying to tend to it and get it out of the road.

“It’s not what you expect to see when you are going to work in the morning, definitely not.”

Sources: BBC, AP.
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