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(Charlestown, Nevis) – Here are the results of the Charlestown Primary School Sport Meet, held March 12.

Class Champions:

Class VII Boys

D’Airyel Stanley (10 points)

Class VI Boys

Jalen Smithen   (12 points)

Class V Boys

Zaykese Smith (18 points)


Class IV Boys

Keari Parris (13 points)

Class III Boys

Keano Parris (20 points)

Class II Boys

Kianno Fraser (20 points)

Class I Boys

Dajaur Parris (24 points)


Class VII Girls

Kurvella Wallace (20 points)

Class VI Girls

Keandré Matthew (12 points)

Class V Girls

Bethany Barry (14 points)

Class IV Girls

Shakwanda Challenger (13 points)

Class III Girls

Uniqueko Willett (28 points)

Class II Girls

Tyra Lewis (18 points)

Class I Girls

Renika Daniel (26 points)

Victor Ludorum  Dajaur Parris of blue house 24 points

Victrix Ludorum Uniqueko Willett of red house 28 points

1st Place Blue House 398 points

2nd Place Green House 300 points

3rd Place Red House 275 points

Broken Records

Uniqueko Willett broke 400m and 200m Class III Females

Kurvella Wallace Broke 60m and 100m class VII female

Renika Daniel broke 200m class I female

Green House broke 4x100m class II male

Blue house broke 4x400m open female

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