Body found in hills still not identified, murder confirmed

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By Monique Washington

The body found in the Fahie Hills in Newton Ground on July 29 has still not been positively identified, but the cause of death has been determined to be caused by gunshot/s.

The Observer confirmed on Monday with Police Public Relations Officer Grell Browne that an autopsy was performed on the remains of the body but other methods will have to be performed to determine the identity.

“The autopsy was performed just a about a month ago, but because of the stage of decomposition no positive identification can be made. Enhanced methods will have to be used on the remains and we have not received the results as yet,” Browne said.

In addition, Browne revealed that the body had gunshot wounds, but did not disclose where and how many wounds there were.

During the past year a number of men have disappeared in the Federation. The most recently disappearance was been Keithroy Nathaniel Duncan. According to the missing person report, Duncan of East Street Newton Ground in St. Kitts was last seen on July 11 at Barkers Corner in St. Kitts, but was reported missing on August 24.

At the end of July, Newtown resident Lincoln “Markie” Liburd was reported missing. On March 12, Devon ‘Gunny’ Jarvis of St. Kitts was reported missing by his family after he never returned to St. Kitts from Nevis. He was last seen on Feb, 28.

The locations of all three missing persons are still unknown. The disappearances of all three missing persons were reported days, and in some cases weeks after they were last heard from, something Browne said should be done 24 hours after they were last heard or seen from.

“If you haven’t seen or had some kind of communication from your family members for 24 hours, then you should come to the police station and report them missing. As soon as we get the information we put it out. The report is done the same day of the notification,” Browne advised.

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