Bone Disorders – Part 2

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Bone Disorders

(Continued from last week)

By Dr. Franz Browne

> Fractures: These normally occur when bone is subjected to more force than it can stand, such as a blow or a fall. However, they can occasionally occur with no significant injury because some other disease, such as cancer, hase severely weakened the bone. In that case they are called pathological fractures.

What are the symptoms of bone disorders?

Symptoms vary according to the bone disorder in question. These include:

– Abdominal growth, bone pain, tenderness, aching, misshapen bones, changes in posture, stiffness, susceptibility to bone breakage.

How can I avoid bone disorders?

The best way of keeping bones healthy is to eat a mixed diet, containing calcium, fluoride, phosphorous and vitamin D. Exposure to sunlight helps boost the body’s vitamin D. A healthy diet is important all your life, but especially while bones are still able to increase in density. Exercise is valuable by increasing the blood flow to the bones, which helps to maintain their density and protect them from injury. It also slows down natural bone loss, which begins from the age of 30.

How are bone disorders diagnosed and treated?

Generally, bone disorders are investigated by various techniques including x-rays, biopsy, in which tissue or cells are removed for laboratory examination, and blood tests.

Treatment depends on the disorder, but it may include the prescription of painkilling drugs, antibiotics and, in some cases, surgery, to remove infected bone or a tumour. Replacement of the hormone estrogen known to lessen osteoporosis is post-menopausal.

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