BONITS launches CIP products to St. Lucia

Michael J. Prest, Chief Executive Officer of Bank Of Nevis International
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By Kenneth Williams
Editor In Chief
 “We take a holistic view to investing in the Caribbean, as we are always looking to identify and create new investment routes for our clients that are seeking opportunity and yield in their portfolios.


“With St Lucia, our goal is to work with our clients to build the investment package that ensures they can achieve their global ambitions and secure their legacies. In some cases, this means citizenship to a jurisdiction that provides greater global flexibility for themselves and their loved ones. In other cases, we support our clients through products that will deliver long-term sustainable yield and leave a lasting and positive impact on local communities.”

These assertions were expressed by Michael J. Prest, Chief Executive Officer of Bank Of Nevis International Trust Services Inc. (BONITS) as Bank Of Nevis International added St. Lucia to its portfolio of countries for which it will sell citizen by investment. The company made the announcement via a press release on Monday.

“The past year has been one of the most challenging in living memory for people around the world and our hearts go out to everyone that has experienced difficult times. It has also been a moment of reflection, and many people have re-evaluated their priorities and their plans for the future,” Prest stated.

The launch of Citizenship Investment Programme (CIP) products to St. Lucia by BONITS, follows the announced launch of the entity’s first overseas office in Dubai in April 2021, as the organisation continues to grow its geographic footprint and focus on providing global clients with Migration Investment solutions that meet their changing demands.

Global Business Development, BONITS’ Global Business Development lead, Rachel R. Ritfeld, briefly commented on the wide-ranging benefits of the undertaking.

“We have a highly personal approach and work with our clients as a trusted partner. We have a diverse and multi-lingual team that welcomes clients from around the world, helping them to navigate fast-changing environments by curating a tailored package of sustainable investment products to meet their exacting requirements.

“By expanding our Migration Investment offering to include St. Lucia, we are able to provide our clients with even greater choice and flexibility while enhancing our credentials as international migration specialists.”

BONITS is a leading provider of Migration Investment, Trust, and Company Formation Services in St. Kitts & Nevis, and with this venture has taken a holistic approach by offering clients a portfolio investment route that will seek to define investment opportunities in a cross section of St. Lucia’s infrastructure. New products under development include impact investment opportunities for investors that want their money to do good, not just do well – an increasing trend particularly amongst millennial audiences – and will sit alongside routes to a second citizenship through existing CIP schemes.

The launch of St. Lucia CIP products enables BONITS to continue to diversify its client base and coincides with a limited time offer where a single applicant and a family of four (4) can secure citizenship with investments of just US$100,000 and US$150,000 respectively. St. Lucia represents one of the most cost-effective routes to a second citizenship in the Caribbean with pre-processing of due diligence requirements, along with BONITS’s individual and highly personal service, ensuring speedy completion of all formalities.
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