Bordelais correctional facility receives two new vehicles

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The Government of Saint Lucia has provided the Bordelais Correctional Facility with two new vehicles. The addition of the vehicles is expected to greatly enhance operations at the prisons.

According to the Director of the Bordelais Correctional Facility Mr. Verne Garde, the vehicles allow officers to respond in quick time.

“Today, we are very happy to have received two brand new vehicles,” he said. “The 16-seater will be used to transport staff to and from work, while the a pickup will be used by the Special Operations Team. The pickup is vital because in the correctional environment we are called to move swiftly and to be present. These new vehicles are testament to the government’s commitment to the facility—especially with our minister’s intervention.”

Minister for the Public Service, Home Affairs, Labour, and Gender Affairs, Hon. Virginia Albert-Poyotte, said: “We hope that these brand new vehicles will be used as a tool to enhance your work,” she said. She also outlined other incentives in place at the facility.

“There is also emphasis placed on providing inmates with opportunities for rehabilitation and skills development, so that when they reintegrate into society they can continue to make contributions to national development.”

Hon. Albert-Poyotte ended her address by praising the officers for their work in rehabilitating inmates.

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