Boris Johnson’s New Job as Newspaper Columnist.

Boris Johnson © Provided by CNBC
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By Jonathan Mason-June 16th,2023.

Only hours after a parliamentary report accused Johnson of lying to Parliament, and his resignation as an MP, former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has accepted a new position as a weekly columnist for the Daily Mail.

The newspaper confirmed that Mr Johnson was taking up the role with a tweet from the Daily Mail Online account: “We are delighted to announce Boris Johnson as our new columnist.

“Famed as one of the wittiest and most original writers in the business, Boris’s column will appear in the Daily Mail every Saturday and you’ll be able to get a preview on MailOnline and The Mail+ on Fridays.”

It also posted a video starring the former Prime Minister who promised that his columns would be “exactly what I think”.

He added: “I am thrilled to have been asked to contribute a column to the Daily Mail. It is going to be completely unexpurgated stuff. I may even have to cover politics but I’ll obviously try to do that as little as possible, unless I absolutely have to. I’m very much looking forward to making my first contribution to those illustrious pages on Saturday.”

It comes after the Privileges Committee found the former Prime Minister deliberately misled Parliament over partygate.

The Daily Mail does not say how much Johnson will be paid for his opinions.

Sources: Daily Mail, Twitter.



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