Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh has been appointed by President-Elect Joe Biden to head the US Department of Labour.

BOSTON, Massachusetts — The Greater Boston Building Trades Unions released the following statement today following the announcement and confirmation issued by the incoming administration of U.S. President-elect Joe Biden that Boston Mayor and union member Martin J. Walsh will be appointed to the position of U.S. Secretary of Labour.

“The Greater Boston Building Trades Unions, like President-elect Biden and incoming U.S. Secretary of Labor Walsh, believe in building an economy where all workers can thrive and access family-sustaining careers. We have seen first-hand the incredible work that incoming U.S. Secretary of Labour Walsh has done to build the middle class and to improve the lives of workers across industries in his time as the President of Labourers Local Union 223, as a legislator, as leader of our Boston Building Trades Unions, as Mayor, and as someone who has dedicated his life to combatting inequities and to building a more just future and a more just economy for all.

“A tested legislator, union leader, and successful mayor, Marty Walsh has stood up for all workers, including low-income workers and workers of colour. During his tenure as Mayor, 135,000 new jobs were created. He has worked tirelessly as Mayor and throughout his career to rebuild the middle class, to build a more inclusive and resilient economy, including by supporting the fight for a $15 minimum wage.

“The appointment of incoming U.S. Secretary of Labour Martin J. Walsh is great news for working people across the country. We applaud his appointment by the Biden-Harris administration. He will lead a Department of Labour that centres its policies on the interests of workers.

“Marty Walsh is an authentic and effective leader who will help the nation build back better. He recently helped us convene the Construction Stops COVID coalition, uniting labour unions, industry partners, and global health experts in order to keep workers and our communities safe and to fight back against the pandemic — together.

“He centred his work within, through and in partnership with the labour movement to advance an agenda through the lens of racial, gender, social, environmental and economic justice. Through his enormous empathy and ability to bring people together, he has made life safer and better for working families. Throughout his entire career as an organizer, as a legislator, and as Mayor of Boston, Marty Walsh has been guided by a profound commitment to pursuing policies, reform and progress that help to advance the public good and the needs of working people.”