Boundary Changes Report Rumored To Be Complete LK Hewlett Story Updated: January 14 th 2015 at 4:00 pm
Members of the united Opposition say the Constituency Boundaries Commission has produced a new report proposing changes to the existing boundaries. Opposition Leader Hon. Mark Brantley posted maps of proposed boundary changes for two of the three constituencies in Nevis on Facebook this afternoon (Jan 14). He claimed they are what have been accepted by the CBC, chaired by Peter Jenkins. The maps show drastic changes to Constituencies 9 and 11. “Well I have just been shown the proposed maps for my beloved Constituency Number 9 that have been agreed to by Labour and NRP and the majority of the Commission (Peter Jenkins, Marcella Liburd and Asim Martin). It is despicable what they are seeking to do,” he said. The Observer understands a meeting of the CBC is scheduled for 1pm, Friday (Jan 16) where it is expected the Commission will inform on accepted proposals. The Opposition has made it clear any attempts to change the boundaries at this time will be met with court action. Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas says the boundaries are disproportionate and need to be re-aligned to bring equity to the number of voters in each constituency. The Opposition’s argument is that the government is “illegal” as it faces a motion of no confidence filed over two years ago. The members contend the government should not be attempting changes on the eve of a federal election. “It’s too late,” said PLP Deputy Hon. Sam Condor. “Douglas is desperate. He knows he can’t win the next election so once again at the last minute he is trying to gerrymander the boundaries in his favor.” Rumors of an emergency session of parliament on Friday remain unconfirmed.