Bounty Killer’s Brother Pleads Guilty To Stealing A Cellphone LK Hewlett Story Updated: June 29th 2015 at 3:01 pm
Mark Price, the brother of Jamaican dancehall artiste Bounty Killer, went before a St. Kitts Magistrate court this morning (June 29) and pleaded guilty to stealing a woman’s cellphone at the RLB Airport on the weekend. Price was in St. Kitts as part of his brother’s entourage to the Annual Music Festival. Bounty Killer performed on Friday night (June 26) and he along with his group were departing the island via the RL Bradshaw Airport Saturday morning when the incident occurred. According to reports from airport personnel, Price absconded with a Blu model cellphone from the counter as a female customs service representative helped him with his immigration paperwork. When she noticed the phone was gone, she alerted authorities on the airport, informing that the artiste’s brother was the last person she dealt with before the phone went missing. Surveillance footage showed him taking the phone from the counter. Price was approached in the departure lounge and a search turned up the airport employee’s phone, reportedly already being stripped of its sim card and battery. He was arrested and subsequently charged with larceny of a cellphone, police confirmed. Bounty Killer and the other members of his group did not remain on island as his brother was taken away in handcuffs by airport security. Price appeared in magistrate court this morning, having spent the past to days on remand, and according to police, “The matter was disposed of.” After copping to the offence, he was fined $3000 EC in compensation to be paid to the owner of the mobile phone and the stolen phone was ordered to be returned to the woman. The Observer understands the fine was paid this morning and Price was released from custody.