The Premier of Nevis Hon Mark Brantley has made a clear call for Nevisians living abroad to partner with the Nevis government and investing their wealth of experience, talent, energy and money in assisting the development of Nevis.

The Premier made these remarks at the 19th annual Heart & Hands for Nevis Inc. luncheon. The fund raising event was held at the LaGuardia Airport Marriott in Elmhurst in New York Sunday.

“I am asking for your help,” he told the listening audience, “You live in large countries such as these great United States of America. You have acquired education, vast skills and in the case of many of you great wealth.

“You have been exposed to the very best in technology and innovation. You have access to quality healthcare and quality education. Your wealth of experience, talent, energy and money must now be put to use in assisting the development of Nevis.”

Brantley encouraged persons in attendance to buy or build a home in Nevis and to encourage friends and family who may have never visited Nevis to come and visit.

“Many of you own a home here in the US. Instead of buying another home here, how about building or buying one back home in Nevis? Many of you have children and grandchildren who have been born here in the Diaspora and never visited Nevis.

Why not insist that they come to know their ancestral land? Many of you are investors here. How about investing in Nevis and creating some jobs there.”

Continuing he said “Many of you has old family lands and properties abandoned all across Nevis. Why not families get together and develop those lands for the benefit of us all. Each and every one of you can persuade friends and colleagues at work and neighbors at home to become visitors and even investors in Nevis. Each of you has a sphere of influence which you should leverage for the benefit of our Nevis.”

Brantley pointed out that currently the Flamboyant home that’s houses older persons is at its capacity. He noted that the government feels that this is an area ripe for entrepreneurship and investment as our population ages.

“Nevis needs cutting edge health diagnostic tools such as CT scan and MRI and modern laboratory facilities. These are areas ripe for investment. We, those at home and those abroad, must join our hearts and our hands and work together to build our island and our wider nation.”

Brantley requested form his audience “a real partnership” unity of purpose and of action. “The government cannot do it alone. Nevis needs your help. I ask that you lend your ideas and your energy and your resources to help us create the Nevis we all desire,” he said.