Brantley expects large turnout later election day

By Loshaun Dixon


Nevis – Deputy Premier of Nevis and leader of the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) Mark Brantley says he expects a large turn out to the polls later today as his party aims to remain in office in the Nevis Island Assembly (NIA)

Brantley, who spoke to this publication as he was about to vote, noted that though there has been a slow turnout thus far, he expects the traffic to pick up before the polls close at 6 p.m.

“Things have started slow[ly]; we have seen a trickle of voters, but that tends to be the case,” he said. “You have some people come before work, some will choose to come after work, but you are going to see a slow trickle throughout the day and a build-up in the afternoon. That is very common.”

He noted that there were some changes made to the polling stations that have contributed to some confusion of voters. “There have been some changes made to the electoral districts at the polling stations, so some people have gotten a little frustrated. Be patient because we have an opportunity here to get the government we want, a government we need.”

Brantley also spoke of his party’s confidence in winning the poll and retaining the government. “I think the CCM team has by far the best team – a younger team, the more energized team, committed to the task at hand,” he said. “We are very confident. We feel very good, but at the end of the day, confidence is useless unless people come out to vote. I want to encourage people to come out and vote.”

He was also asked by the Observer if he was concerned about the criticism he was facing from his opponents regarding holding two posts in the federal government and NIA. “I am not bothered at all because those who criticize me also applied for the two posts and the people rejected them,” he said. “You can’t apply and when you don’t get the job you start to criticise the person who got the job. Remember, I was not in the elections by myself. I think it is just hypocritical, but in our constitution, it is entirely permissible and we continue to do the work of the people.”

Brantley is seeking to become the fourth premier of Nevis should his party become successful in the election.