Opposition Leader Hon. Mark Brantley deems it ironic that senior parliamentarian Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris’s was stripped of his diplomatic passport while the Iranian involved in the recent diplomatic passport scandal still possesses his. ” It must be ironic however that a former senior minister of Government and a senior member of Parliament can have his diplomatic passport unceremoniously confiscated but an Iranian national [Alizera Moghadam] who claims he paid US$1 million for a similar passport and lied to Canadian authorities that he had meetings with Prime Minister Harper of Canada, can still travel the world clothed with all the rights and privileges of a diplomat of St. Kitts and Nevis,’said Brantley during an interview with The Observer. Brantley described Monday’s (Dec 2) incident at the RLB Airport where Dr. Harris’ was told to hand over his diplomatic passport as an act of desperation by the Denzil Douglas administration. “The recent seizure of the diplomatic passport of Dr. Timothy Harris at the airport as he was preparing to travel underscores the desperation which has become the hallmark of the dying Douglas administration,”he said. “The nation should expect more desperate actions as our once popular Prime Minister holds on to office at all cost.”The government has since issued a statement accusing Dr. Harris of misrepresenting himself as a diplomat of the Federation by using his diplomatic passport for personal travel in the months following his termination as a Minister of government in January.