Two gun totting masked individuals attempted a successful armed robbery at Mem’s Pizzeria Wednesday evening, but had an unsuccessful getaway.

The Observer visited the establishment of Thursday (April 26) that is adorned with burglar bars and equipped with security cameras and spoke to owner Bernadette “Mem” Wallace.

Though still shaken from the evening events and reluctant to speak to the media ,Wallace said that this was the third time armed gunmen approached her, once at home and twice at the restaurant. But this time the robbers walked through the front door.

She said about 12 customers were at the establishment around 9 pm when the masked gunmen walked through the front door and demanded they empty their bags and pockets into a bag that they carried.

Money, phone, keys and other personal items were taken from the customers. One customer apparent;y jumped over the balcony in trying to flee from the pair.

The criminals did not rob the business, but only stole from the customers and the one of the employees.

After taken their goodies the assailants then set off towards Brown Hill Village. The Observer confirmed with Police Officials Thursday that two individual were quickly apprehended by officers that were patrolling the area and taken into police custody. No word has yet been received of any charges made.

Wallace said that the last time she was robbed by armed assailants was almost five years prior at the restaurant and ten years ago at her home. Both time the assailants made off with an undisclosed amount of money.

The Premier of Nevis the Hon. Mark Brantley, commended Superintendent Trevor Mills and his team of the Nevis Police for apprehending the bandits this time.

“I also wish to commend those in the community who saw something and said something. The rapid response of the Police made this arrest possible. Crime is not unbeatable but we must work together community and Police to beat it. ,” Brantley said.