Brazil Launches a Federal Investigation Into Soccer Match-Fixing

File photo. Samba Queens Win Equal Pay. The Brazilian women's soccer team have been the most successful in South America.
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By Julia Vargas Jones and Sammy Mncwabe, CNN


CNN  — Brazilian authorities have launched a federal investigation into soccer match-fixing, the country’s Ministry of Justice and Public Security announced in a statement on Wednesday.

“The measure was taken this Wednesday after the disclosure that athletes from main division clubs of Brazilian soccer were suspected of collaborating with gangs that would act through sports betting,” the statement read.

This comes a day after the state of Goias accused 16 people of manipulating the results of 13 soccer matches in Brazil’s Serie A and Serie B, as well as the state championship in 2022 and 2023.

According to the Goias Public Prosecutor’s office, one player was given $100,000 (500.000,00 Brazilian Reais) for a red card with $10,000 (40.000 Brazilian Reais) paid to him before the game.

“Faced with evidence of manipulation of results in sports competitions, with interstate and even international repercussions, I am determining today that an inquiry be instituted at the Federal Police for the legally applicable investigations,” the country’s Justice Minister Flavio Dino tweeted.

As a result of the investigation, some Brazilian soccer clubs have reportedly suspended some of their players pre-emptively.

CNN has reached out to the Brazilian Football Confederation for comment.

The Colorado Rapids, a Major League Soccer club in the United States, confirmed that one of their players is connected to the Brazilian match-fixing scandal.

“We are aware of the reports regarding a Colorado Rapids player in connection with unlawful sports gambling,” the club said without naming the player.

“We take matters of this nature seriously and seek at all times to protect the integrity of the game. The player has been removed from all team activities while MLS conducts an investigation into the matter.”

In addition to the Colorado Rapids player, MLS also said one former player was involved in “unlawful sports gambling,” in a statement released on Wednesday.

“The integrity of the game is critical to the league and MLS takes seriously these allegations and any contravention of the league’s integrity rule,” MLS said.

“The current player has been removed from team activities pending an investigation into this matter, which will begin promptly.”

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