Brexit: PM Faces Civil War as Dozens of MPs could Back Labour Over No-Deal

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Boris Johnson is facing a civil war as dozens of his own MPs could this week back Labour’s move to stop a no-deal Brexit. This follows a weekend of mass protests all over the UK over Johnson’s planned suspension of Parliament for a month so he can push through Britain’s exit from the EU without debate.

Former Tory leadership candidate Rory Stewart is among those vowing to block any move to take the UK out the EU without a deal on October 31.

It comes after it was revealed Mr Johnson has threatened to withdraw the whip and deselect any MP who votes to stop a no-deal.

A senior source in the whips’ office said: “The whips are telling Conservative MPs today a very simple message – if they fail to vote with the government on Tuesday they will be destroying the government’s negotiating position and handing control of parliament to Jeremy Corbyn.”


The Get Ready For Brexit advertising campaign will cost £100 million (Picture: Cabinet Office)

The government has unveiled its “Get Ready For Brexit” campaign, sparking a range of reactions and emotions on Twitter.

The official Get Ready For Brexit portal launched on the website, but not everyone was a fan.

The government says the new campaign lets individuals and businesses know how they will be affected if the UK leaves the EU on October 31 as planned.

The slogan appeared on a huge billboard at Westfield shopping centre in Stratford, east London, on Sunday, a day after thousands protested across the UK at prime minister Boris Johnson’s plan to prorogue Parliament.



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