Brexit – A Sophomoric Decision

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By  Asha V. Daniel

I never took the Brits particularly seriously when they decided to have a referendum on whether to separate themselves from the European Union which they had joined on January 1, 1973.

How could the brilliant people of this nation that had once dominated the world make such an impulsive and irrational decision as to separate themselves from the Europian Union?  I once would have   thought, no not the Brits, but Brexit proved me wrong

Obviously, I had essentially overestimated the knowledge of the 52% whose decision was instrumental in causing the untenable decision to Brexit. Regrettably, this was a decision made principally on the basis of racial intolerance and a sophomoric phobia cultivated towards dark-skinned people.

Where were the voices of reasoning to draw a clear distinction between ignorance and enlightenment, as the leaders of the 52% were perpetuating their message? Why did they allow such ineptitude to pretend that it was informative, and create such volatility on their continent? Did they not see the signs that they and their followers were festering passionate, uncalled-for hatred toward the migrants on their shores?

Also, did they not realize the significance of the preconceived notion that they and their other white citizens had toward non-whites who were coming into their country?  The leaders and their followers had contemplated the same poisonous thought – that dark-skinned people were growing too rapidly in the United Kingdom.

Brexit will go down in history as a decision based on the false notion that was   infused into the psyche of the 52% by their leaders, that dark- skinned people were inferior, and posed a threat to their survival as a nation

Perhaps, when PM David Cameron made his election promise to have a referendum, he could not have predicted the grave ramifications it would have on his political career and his small nation – naïve fellow, maybe you are  assuming, aren’t  you? What a shame he did not consider the dreadful impact a possible Brexit could have on his nation and the global economy, you rightfully think. Now, the leave camp is pretending to be discombobulated, after the fact, because their foolish decision has backfired on them

How audacious were the 52% who voted for Brexit because of racial prejudice!  For centuries Great Britain raped and pillaged practically every country where her empire reached. She literally destroyed and exploited the African continent in particular, leaving many of its dark-skinned people marginalized, suppressed and oppressed for hundreds of years. Countless numbers of the African peoples were driven into depravity and abject destitution, while the wealth of their continent was plundered to make Britain rich.  So what do the British expect, when their country took everything her subject people had and left those people unemployed disorganized and fragmented?  If stealing their resources were not enough, Britain devised a diabolic plan to reorganize entire countries in order to prevent stability within them for centuries. But the British did not stop there.  They devised a similar stratagem to prevent any semblance of cohesion among the peoples they forcibly and inhumanely transported from the African continent to distant shores.

People migrate to the United Kingdom not to steal, or to subjugate British nationals, but to gain come of the privileges the British have as a direct consequence of the enormous benefits they derived from plundering the migrants’ nations.

Where is the sense of justice and humanity of the 52%?  Must some migrants continue to transmit to their offspring for the rest of their existence the wounds of desolation, substandard living, inadequate health care and huge unemployment that are the direct result of the historical wrong that the British committed against the migrants‘ ancestors?  How many of the  52% have  taken a moment to reflect on British   history, or on the forces driving the migration of  another set of people across Europe in unprecedented numbers,  before prematurely proceeding to exit the  EU?   Not all of this other group of migrants are leaving their homeland because of want. Sizeable numbers of them are well educated, middle-class people fleeing for their lives from their war-ravaged countries.

The 52% of the Brits who voted in favor of Brexit clearly had long forgotten the sterling contribution peoples of dark pigmentation made, and continue to make, to the development of Britain. Ever since the days of the former British Empire, Blacks, Indians and Middle Eastern peoples have been travelling thousands of miles to Britain and have been contributing to the development of the infrastructure that now stands majestically within that nation.  Some were brought in shackles and chains against their own will and forced to labor, without compensation, to construct some of the beautiful monuments and other kinds of architecture located across the length and breadth of the United Kingdom.

No doubt, the 52% who voted out of anger towards the dark skins, failed to read their history books.  If they knew of this history, however, and still voted the way that they did, then one can only hope that, with time, this madness will dissipate and the sense of sanity will return to the United Kingdom.

Nations benefit from the viable contributions that immigrants make to their society.  Dark-skinned peoples have proved themselves to be innovative, creative and inventive.  Look at the Egyptian pyramids, Taj Mahal in India, some of the extraordinary mosques erected throughout the Middle East, their works of art in the renowned British museums, and their handiwork all over Britain.  People who leave their country in search of a better life elsewhere are, generally speaking,    an enterprising, industrious and indefatigable people capable of contributing in various ways to the country of their adoption   Take heed, supporters of Brexit.

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