Hon. Spencer Brand, Minister of Works in the Nevis Island Administration, and Mr. Rashid Huggins from the Public Works Department tour the Brown Hill Road Rehabilitation Project.
Ongoing roadwork on the lower section of Craddock Road, the last area to be completed in the Craddock Road Rehabilitation Project.
A stretch of completed roadway in the Craddock Road Rehabilitation Project.
Curb and slipper drains under construction in the vicinity of the bridge as part of the Brown Hill Road Rehabilitation Project.

CHARLESTOWN, Nevis -– As the Brown Hill and Craddock Road rehabilitation projects near their estimated completion date, Hon. Spencer Brand Minister of Works in the Nevis Island Administration is pleased with progress being made.

Minister Brand said significant work has been done over the past few weeks since work resumed following the hiatus, due to the onset of COVID-19. He toured both sites on July 23.

“We have made significant progress towards the completion of the Craddock Road project,” said Minister Brand. “At the moment, we are completing the final section at the bottom of Craddock Road. We would have taken off a portion of the base, reconstructed the area, and have completed the stonework for the re-alignment of the base.

“As recent as Sunday we completed a significant stretch of asphalting, from just below the Big Rock area, all the way down to the lower section of Craddock Road next to the Slack property. Earlier this week we did some additional asphalting in the TDC area.”

He said much of the drainage work has been completed.

“We have completed the construction of the culvert that links Craddock Road to the Island Main Road, taking the water down to the sea at Low Street,” said Hon. Brand.

With regard the Brown Hill Road Rehabilitation Project, Minister Brand said a considerable amount of work has been done. He said upon entering the area, one can see that palm trees have been planted behind the stone wall that was recently constructed to improve the aesthetic of the environment.

“Work is now being carried out in the area of the bridge, which is a major component of the rehabilitation,” he explained.

“We would have constructed a new bridge, backfilled that area to a significant level and presently we are in that area putting in the curb and slipper drains and dealing with a walkway there,” said Brand.

The minister assured the projects would be finished in short order, despite recent delays due to inclement weather.

“We are still hoping we can have these two projects completed in a few week,” said Brand. “Our initial aim was the end of July, but we may go over into early August.”

Work on the 5,600 foot Craddock Road began in November 2018 while Phase 2 of the Brown Hill project started in 2019.