Brown Hill shooting victim dies

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By Anastasha Elliott

More than 19 days after being shot in the face Deon Warner died approximately 3:10 p.m. on Thursday April 27 at the Alexandra Hospital.

Cause of death according to police, was inflammation due to a bullet wound.

His body was flown to his homeland of Anguilla on Monday for burial.

On Sunday many of the churches on the island held special services in his name.

As a result of his death the two men — Clive ‘Unclash’ Walters of Stoney Grove and Travis ‘Frisco’ Byron of Jessups — formerly held by police have been charged with murder.

Last week they were arrested and charged with threatening to shoot in an unrelated matter. They were accused of threatening to shoot Renrick Jeffers of Gingerland.

Walters is solely charged for assault while Byron is charged for both offences.

25-year-old Deon Warner was shot in the face following the official launch of the Brown Hill Basketball League and was left paralyzed from the neck down according to doctors. Several days into his recovery, Warner’s family indicated that he was doing well.

Reports indicated that up to Saturday April 22 Warner was talking and had said his legs were feeling cold.

Last Wednesday events took a turn for the worse.

Mid Thursday The Observer spoke to Fitzroy Warner, the brother of Deon and he said that his brother was not doing too well.

“He has stopped responding to us,” said Fitzroy.

Later that day reports circulated that he had succumbed to his injuries and died.

A reliable source, several days following the incident, indicated that Warner who resided at Brick Klin Village, New Castle was shot once in the side of his face as he was leaving an event with a group of friends and were about to get into their vehicle.

The vehicle, the source said, was parked in a dark alley.

A shot was heard and everyone ran.

Another three shots were heard. Moments’ later Warner’s friends returned to the vehicle and found him lying with a gun shot injury. He was rushed to the Alexandra hospital. In reports following the incident Police indicated that the shooting of Warner appeared to be revenge motivated.

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