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By L.K. Hewlett

St. Kitts Reporter

A local mechanic was robbed at gunpoint and shot around midnight on Wednesday.

Wrenford ‘Mop’ Evelyn drove up to his home on the Bay Road after returning from a shop, and as he exited his car, two masked men approached him.

“When I drove up I didn’t see anyone; up to when I turned off the car lights I didn’t see anyone around. Maybe they were hiding behind the house. They told me to give them all my f*ing money or they would kill me,” the wounded man told The Observer.

He said he beseeched them, telling the two hoodlums that he had a young child to take care of. This did not deter the two men who were both brandishing weapons. Evelyn said the men robbed him of his money and cell phone and started beating him, kicking and punching him.

Evelyn, a well-known mechanic who operates a business at the Industrial site, said after the brutal beating all about his head and body, one of the men shot him and the men took off.

Evelyn sustained a single gunshot wound to his upper left thigh, the bullet entering near the groin area and exiting the outer side of his thigh. He sustained other less serious injuries to his hand and face. He remains hospitalised and is in stable condition.

The man says he didn’t know why he had been targeted but suspected that the men had surveilled or followed him that evening, thinking he had a large sum of money on his person.

Friends of the injured man say the act of violence will no doubt go for naught, if police continue on their current trend of not being able to solve these types of crimes. Evelyn was not able to give police any details relating to the identity of the masked men.

In an unrelated incident on Thursday, police scoured the McKnight area in search of some young men who allegedly robbed a Chinese store around 11 a.m. The men reportedly held up the establishment and while they robbed the business, one or more of the bandits beat the store keeper about her head and face, leaving her badly bruised and severely traumatised.

It was not disclosed how much money the robbers got away with, but the beating they gave the woman in the presence of a small child has left a bitter taste in the mouths of that community.

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