BVI Improves Shipping Safety With Two New Danger Buoys.

P{hoto: BVI GIS. One of the two new danger buoys that will protest shipping, boaters, and the environment.
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The Virgin Islands Shipping Registry is in the process of  deploying two isolated danger markers at Blonde Rock and Tow Rock, to promote overall maritime safety in these high-risk areas.

Director of the Shipping Registry Mr. John Samuel said the registry plays a pivotal role in ensuring the continued safety, sustainability, and efficiency of maritime activities in the Territory’s waters.

He said the Nash Maritime conducted a navigational risk assessment in 2022, which identified the two areas within high traffic zones where isolated shallow areas exist.

Mr. Samuel added, “The placement of these two isolated danger buoys is evidence of our commitment to navigational safety and pollution prevention within the waters of the Virgin Islands.”

He added, “These buoys will not only guide vessels safely through our waters but also safeguard our marine ecosystems from potential harm. Together, these efforts underscore the importance of the Virgin Islands as a flag of choice for responsible shipping operations, and the waters of this Territory as safe cruising grounds for all types of vessels.”

The installation of the buoys requires a collaborative effort between the marine surveillance team that is tasked with assembling the isolated danger buoys, while divers will be engaged to install the anchoring components of the project.

The identification of the rocks and the strategic positioning of the buoys will aid in circumventing potential hazards to vessels as they enter the designated shipping channels.

Source: BVI GIS.
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