BVI Launches Customer Care Transportation Platform

Photo: A colorful open-air multiperson taxi in the BVI--with a huge motor.
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Minister for Transportation, Works and Utilities Kye Rymer stated during the Fifth Sitting of the Second Session of the Fourth House of Assembly of the Virgin Islands in February that the Taxi and Livery Commission has been making steady progress towards regulating the transportation-for-hire industry since appointing the new board in October of 2019.

Rymer said, “The Customer Care Transportation Platform is a tool that will enable the Commission to efficiently capture the feedback of travelers using any taxi, shuttle, bus, tour or limousine hired service. Compliments on stellar service are welcome and complaints of poor or unfair services will be investigated by the Commission’s Board and corrective actions and resolutions put in place.”

In this “New Regular” the Customer Care Transportation Platform is expected to be accessible to the public in multiple formats including call-in, web based and on social media; to make the process of giving feedback efficient and at the same time effective.

The Taxi and Livery Commission (TLC) is the regulatory body of the land transportation-for-hire industry of the British Virgin Islands.

According to popular travel Web sites, in the BVI taxis are a hassle-free way to move around most of the islands.

There are stands near the ferry docks and at the airports, but hotels on the more developed islands are willing to call one for you. “The cabbies are obviously better prepared to navigate the island than you will be, but they’re also pretty good tour guides.”

Each island or cay has different taxi rates: price is determined by the distance traveled and the number of persons in the vehicle.

Uber is not available in the BVI.


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