BVI Tourist Board Meets With Major Tourism Industry Partners

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ROADTOWN, BVI–October 7th, 2020–The British Virgin Islands Tourist Board and Film Commission held a meeting with tourism industry partners from the private-islands, resorts and large hotel sectors last evening.

The meeting which was considered a success was the first in a series with key industry stakeholders in various sectors of the local tourism industry to be held over the next two weeks.

The session was done virtually with the use of the Microsoft Teams Platform and had over 80 participants.

Premier and Minister responsible for Tourism, Andrew A. Fahie, addressed the meeting and stated that it was imperative that the Government meet with tourism stakeholders to finalize the health protocols as it prepares to open the Territory on December 1st and that he was extremely pleased with the participation and contributions made by the stakeholders.

Premier Fahie said, “We were able to share our plans with them and welcomed their feedback. We presented a positive and engaging discussion that will be beneficial in enhancing our guest experience during the COVID era while ensuring that safety remains a priority. I look forward to more discussions with our other industry partners because we are in this together.”

Junior Minister for Tourism, Sharie de Castro said the meeting with the stakeholders within the tourism industry was important so that their collective voices can be heard and their concerns recorded.

De Castro said, “I believe we were able to explain how far we are in the process, their role in ensuring our preparedness for December 1st and how we intend to support their efforts. I left feeling encouraged, as the partners who participated showed that they are eager to do what is necessary for us to successfully reopen.”

The Junior Minister thanked the stakeholders who participated and stated that their contribution was very meaningful and appreciated. She added that she also looked forward to hearing from more industry partners during this consultation phase.

Director of Tourism, Mr. Clive McCoy said, “We are meeting with our stakeholders to ensure that they have an opportunity to review our opening plans and protocols and provide input, to ensure that we have the safest reopening protocols. Their input and commitment is very important to a successful reopening on December 1st.”

Chairperson of the BVI Tourist Board, Mrs. Kenisha Sprauve also stated that following several one-on-one meetings with industry partners, which helped to shape the draft protocols, the board thought it was time to meet with stakeholders collectively, to get their feedback on the said protocols before they are finalized.

“I think we had a successful meeting last evening and look forward to meeting with the other stakeholders as we work together to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for our guests when we welcome them with BVILove beginning on December 1st,” she said added.

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