“The novelties of one generation are only the resuscitated fashions of the generation before last.” — George Bernard Shaw So far I have done a “Fashion Event” review, a Personal Style Icon piece, a Fashion Terminology lesson and a Fashion No-No article. This week I will give you a look at present and predicted future fashion trends, beginning from the ground and moving up. So we begin with shoes, glorious shoes! Guys, you’re first, for once! Just as a side note, isn’t it shocking that men are often overlooked or pushed to the background in the fashion world, when the vast majority of designers are men? One would think they’d be more interested in dressing themselves or those that look like them. I honestly think this is in desperate need of correction, though admittedly I am guilty of this crime too. But anyway; shoes. In 2010, men’s footwear fashions seem to all fall under two specific categories: Comfort (smart guys!) and Classic Style. An interesting choice I have found when searching for new trends, is the espadrille style. This is traditionally a canvas or cotton upper shoe with rope or rope-like soles, which has mostly been seen in women’s wedge styles. This year it’s seen re-emerging as a simply stylish and super comfortable look for men’s feet. It gives the wearer a choice of a closed back loafer or an open back mule. For this style I prefer the muted standard colours like black, beige or brown and those with a gum coloured rubber sole to replace the traditional rope. As expected this year, sneakers are back and will probably be around for years to come in men’s footgear. This year sees brands like Nike (Air Force Ones and Dunks) and Converse (Chuck Taylors) leading the pack with their classic styles. A new twist on many of these styles is the introduction of patent leather for shine and bold, bright colours. These two elements giving these “kicks” a new fun edgy look. On the boot front, men are still buying and wearing Timberlands, with no truly new changes. (Because how can you perfect perfection?) However, those guys looking for a change from this rugged look are opting for a sleek, sophisticated high-cut dress shoe, which will have a narrowed toe again this year. Also surviving into 2010 is the always popular Clarks, which is a favourite among our local guys. Now the ladies! 2010 is expected to be yet another statement year for lady’s shoes. Meaning, one can chose to wear an all black outfit, making the shoes the main focus of the ensemble. This year will be a rollover year where the gladiator sandal is concerned. As strong and enduring as the name suggests, this trend will no doubt last until the end of this year at least, If not much longer. They have received some more glam power this year with the addition on numerous extra straps, buckles, studs and an interesting hooded ankle look. The most revolutionary change I have seen so far in flats is the appearance on more unconventional styles of ladies loafers or slip-ons. Some of these are a flash back to the oxfords, generations before us wore. Others are odd, almost theatrical or ballroom looking shoes. I must say I am not all that fond of this trend, but it is highly anticipated By many experts to be a huge hit this year. Well to each his own! I will say they are an excellent choice for the more mature lady or even the oddball personality, and over both comfort and foot coverage. By far my favourite part of this article is the high heels. I have a confession, don’t tell my husband but this year I think I will be having a love affair with a Naughty Monkey, “Me, O My”. (Google it!). That’s just my personal choice. 2010 ladies styles, unlike our shoe-wise counterparts, seem to have totally forgotten the concept “comfort”. (Comfort, what is that? Is that even English?). This year, ankles beware, marks ridiculously high heels. We are talking seven inches and up for the average stilettos. Luckily the platform of the shoe has also seen some elevation this year, so we ladies should not feel the change too much in our feet, though it will reflect a lot in our heights, I can hear the five-footers cheering already. Another expected 2010 trend in high heels is also patent leather and bright, bold colours, but the standard black will also endure. Yet another trend will be patterned or floral printed fabric-covered shoes, for a fun playful look. There will be an addition of bolder and more lavish embellishments on shoes like ruffles, fringes, feathers, studs, diamantes etc. and weird and funky cut out styles in high heels Finally, a public service announcement for all my fellow shoe-fetish ladies: A deeply informative documentary on the correct and appropriate techniques for accessorizing and wearing high heels will be released very soon. Sex and the City 2. ‘Nuff Said! Please suggest weekly topics or make comments good or bad! Let me know what’s on your mind By emailing fashion2thestreet@gmail.com and find me on Facebook.