Byron-Nisbett encourages exercise

Music Festival ticket winner Ketanjah Simon (right) displays the ticket after it was presented to her by Senator Akilah Byron-Nisbett.
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Music Festival ticket winner Ketanjah Simon (right) displays the ticket after it was presented to her by Senator Akilah Byron-Nisbett.

Senator Akilah Byron-Nisbett, Team Unity’s Caretaker for St. Christopher Three (West Basseterre), has sent out an unambiguous message to all and sundry that she is fit and ready. She proved her worth at a Peoples Labour Party (PLP) Youths gruelling nearly three-hour event dubbed ‘Fit and Ready’.

Saturday May 4 saw the newly paved parking lots at the Bourryeau Strip outside the Fraites and Sons Bakery, in Molineux, come to life as members of the Peoples Labour Party’s Youth Arm provided ‘workout madness’ keep fit exercises to the young and the not so young.

Senator Byron-Nisbett, who is also the Deputy Political Leader of the Peoples Labour Party (one of the three political parties in the ruling Team Unity Administration), was among the scores who turned up to exercise, while an equally good number turned up to watch those doing the rigorous exercises.

Under the direction of PLP Youth Arm Representative Delonte Lewis, the participants were first put through exhilarating sessions of Soca dance cardio, kickboxing and Latin Fusion by footballer from Old Road who plays for St. Paul’s Football Club, and a former national player, Mr Kendale Liburd, with music provided by Hell Fire Sounds.

They were later taken through more sessions by Evelin Marvina Gonzalez Lynch and finally by bodybuilder Big Wayne, who was accompanied by Soca artiste Casim Pemberton whose stage name is Rucas H.E.

In between the sessions, medical practitioner Dr Vance Gilbert shared health and nutrition information as it relates to strenuous exercises and the need to keep fit. Among others he advised them on how to keep their bodies in good shape by the way they eat.

“You like to eat a small breakfast or sometimes you skip breakfast, rush something for lunch and in the night we eat a big meal and we go to sleep, and that is absolutely the wrong way,” said Dr Gilbert. “Your biggest meal is supposed to be for breakfast, and it makes sense because at least that kind of calories that you put in you are going to burn off during the day. For lunch you eat something a little lighter and your lightest meal of the day is supposed to be dinner before you go to sleep.”

Dr Gilbert advised them of the importance of intake of a good amount of vitamins and minerals which he told them come from fruits and vegetables. He further advised them to drink lots of water and dismissed the myth that drinking cold water makes one fat, while at same time warning that some of the fruits drinks they take are not the best for them as they have added sugar.

So successful and popular was the event that the next event has already been lined up for Saturday June 8 at the parking lots at Lime Kiln Commercial Park in West Basseterre. The event was organised by PLP Youth Arm Representatives Mr Manasses Huggins and Mr Delonte Lewis together with members of the PLP Youths. Four St. Kitts Music Festival tickets were drawn and won by lucky participants.

Joining Senator Byron-Nisbett in the ‘workout madness’ included Chairperson of the PLP Constituency Number One (East Basseterre) Branch Cante Bowry for the entire period, and briefly were the PLP National Secretary Myrtilla Williams, and Chairperson of the PLP Constituency Number Seven Branch Lenworth Harris. Watching from the side lines was PLP Women’s Arm Representative, and Chairperson of the PLP Constituency Number Four Branch, Petrona Thomas.

Also on the side lines was the People’s Action Movement (PAM) Assistant General Secretary Azard Gumbs who praised the Peoples Labour Party Youths Group and said ‘Fit and Ready’ was a great initiative which had attracted a lot of people.

“They are excited – they are energetic and I think they are ready not only for fitness but for campaigning and the elections,” said Gumbs. “I think the PLP Youths Group is an active group and I think that we can see the level of organisation and commitment and support that the PLP has here with the young people.”


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