Can Village Superstars Do It Again?

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By Celeste Hull

The Observer

Still fresh in the memory of Kittitian fans is the final amazing game between the Village Superstars FC and Elco St. Peters FC that led to Superstars taking the crown of the 2004 – 2005 National Football League.

Now, with the 2005 – 2006 League ready to blast off on Sunday, the question on everybody’s mind seems to be “Can the Village Superstars repeat their championship, or will they be forced to step aside and relinquish their crown to a better team?”

Franklin Maitland, President of the Village Superstars FC, wishes to assure fans that the team has every intention of retaining their title regardless of some developments in the team’s make-up.

Terrance “Zico” Condor, their most outstanding midfielder last year, has left the team to pursue academic studies in the U.S.

On the other hand, they celebrate the addition of Iroy “Congo” Jeffers, a new midfielder who has transferred from the ranks of Village’s lifetime rival Newtown United.

Also, one of their most remarkable strickers, Jevon Frances, will be returning from overseas in the next two weeks to compete with the team.

Wayne “Johnny” Queeley who did not play last year due to a leg injury, will show face in this year’s cup. Fans can also look forward to an outstanding display of skill from players such as Glen “Pepper” Nisbett, the Village’s star goal keeper, and midfielder Floyd Hodge.

The Village Superstars have been busy adding other titles to their name as well.

They won, for the first time since the Premier League started in 2000, a record of five competitions. The Champ of Champs, Premier League, Playoffs, F.A Cup and Soccerama are all competitions the team has been victorious in.

It seems as if the defending champion’s two most dangerous rivals this season will be Newtown United, a team the Superstars have a long history of intense competition with, and Elco St. Peters, last year’s final rivals for the cup. Both have created a name as brilliant teams in their own right.

Maitland went on to comment, “Superstars is obviously a team which takes pride in its game and we have a very loyal community behind us. We hope to continue playing at our best and bring pride and glory to the team.”

The team will be traveling on Friday to the BVI where it will participate in an Invitational. There, they’ll face up against two teams, the Valencia FC which is last year’s BVI Championship holder and the BVI Eleven.

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