Canada On Fire: Yellowknife Residents Freaking Out and Scrambling To Beat Flames.

Photo credit: Bill Blair, Twitter/X. A worker near Yellowknife uses a chainsaw to cut down a tree in the hope of creating a barrier that will slow the fires.
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Canada has been burning all summer long and now about 1,500 people have been airlifted out of Yellowknife, the capital of Canada’s Northwest Territories, as crews battle a massive wildfire that is approaching the city.

Ten planes left Yellowknife with 1,500 passengers on Thursday, said Jennifer Young, director of corporate affairs for the Northwest Territories’ Department of Municipal and Community Affairs.

Young added that the agency hoped 22 flights will leave on Friday with 1,800 more passengers.

Thousands also have fled in their vehicles, driving hundreds of kilometres to safety, as the worst fire season on record in Canada showed no signs of easing.

“We’re all tired of the word unprecedented, yet there is no other way to describe this situation in the Northwest Territories,” Caroline Cochrane, premier of the Northwest Territories, wrote on social media earlier this week.

Authorities in the Northwest Territories issued a state of emergency on Tuesday as more than 200 wildfires burned across the sprawling territory in northern Canada. They also ordered all Yellowknife residents to evacuate by noon local time (18:00 GMT) on Friday.

“Nobody envisioned an event of this scale. It’s still really stressful. There are a lot of people still left in Yellowknife that are freaking out,” said resident Tebbia Teoncey, who was evacuated to Edmonton, Alberta.

The massive fire to the northwest of Yellowknife only advanced by around one kilometre (0.6 miles) on Thursday, officials said, because it was held back by winds. It is now about 15km (9 miles) away from the city and authorities expect the fires to reach the outskirts of the city by the weekend.

“We’re heading into a critical couple of days in management of this wildfire,” Mike Westwick, the fire information officer for Yellowknife, told reporters on Thursday.

“Those are winds that will trend both of those fires in directions that we don’t want,” he added.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has pledged his government’s support for the Northwest Territories and members of the Canadian Armed Forces also have been sent to help fire crews battle the flames.

Canada has experienced a record number of wildfires so far this year, with more than 5,500 blazes prompting evacuations across the country.

Over the past months, several areas – including British Columbia and Alberta in the west, to Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in the east – have battled wildfires, some of which sent massive plumes of smoke to parts of the United States and Europe.

Source: Al Jazeera, news agencies.
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