An early morning drive to watch the sunrise on the windward side of the island almost cost Cane Garden resident Rodney Elliott to be swept away by high levels of water on Thursday (May 2). For a few hours that morning heavy rains poured down on the villages between Brick Kiln and Newcastle. Officials classified the morning’s rain as an “isolated tropical wave’that was centered over part of St. James Parish. Speaking with The Observer on Thursday, Elliott said she sometimes take a trip to Butlers Village in the early mornings to see the sun rise and when she left home the weather appeared to be clear. By the time she began to approach the Vance Amory International Airport she noticed an abrupt weather change. “I left home around 5:30 am and when I got by Tire World it was raining hard and the road was full of water. All kinds of wood and other stuff were floating. When I got by Cocky’s shop the water began to pull my car towards the seaside. I continued to drive and when I almost got to the Police Station (Newcastle) water began coming into my vehicle. Water was up to my calf. I was so scared that I began to pray,’she recounted. She said the other person in her vehicle advised her to reverse however the car would not go back. She said the car floated onto a little hill where it stopped and the water began to run out. “I prayed and thank God. I called Lester Blackette and the Premier and told them about the situation,’she said. Other persons in the St James area also informed of their experiences with the morning’s rain fall and subsequent flooding. One person told this media house the flood came out of nowhere because when she left town ‘the place was dry”. “By the time I got to the Airport I couldn’t believe it, it was like I stepped into another part of the world. Water all over. By the time I got to Brick kiln it was dry like a cork,’she said. Another resident said that the rain began sometime after 2 am and never stopped. She said she was aboard a passenger bus that had to cross a flooded street. “I live close to a ghaut and I watched the water rise and come into my yard. Getting out my yard was very difficult. Sitting in the bus watching the vehicle go through the high level of water was very scary,’she said. Officials at Disaster Management encouraged persons to exercise caution when driving in that area. According to Disaster Management’s Facebook page there was ‘severe flooding in Nevis in the St. James Parish (North side of Nevis), between Oualie Beach Hotel and the Medical University – 4 inches of rain in 5 hours (between 3 am and 8 am) measured at the Airport. Roads were over-topped and impassable in some areas”. The Observer contacted Lester Blackette later in the afternoon who informed that the majority of the water had run off the road but isolated thunder storms and rain fall was expected for both St. Kitts and Nevis later in the day.