By Saju Ng’alla

It is now official, Nagico Capisterre Ballstars are serious contenders for the National League Netball championship.

Capisterre proved this last Saturday with a victory over bmobile Newtown.

The win places Capisterre in second place behind Carib Pearl Cayon Pacers, and in third place is the Coca Cola Shamrock.

Newtown’s loss places the team out of range for the championship title. However, there is still hope for the team if the league reverses a forfeiture decision made two weeks ago when the team failed to show up to play against the Shamrocks.

Last Saturday Newtown desperately needed a win over Capisterre, and their eagerness to win was clearly shown when the team raced to 6-2 lead, early in the first quarter.

However, Capisterre has been a team that has started games in a tentative manner. It took some time for the players to get in sync, and the first quarter ended 7-5 in favor of Newtown.

Capisterre would have been in the lead at the end of the first quarter if the team’s goal shooter Alicia Collins had made more of her attempts. There was a period where Collins missed four straight attempts that Capisterre was forced to call a time out, and the coach replaced Collins with Lanein Blanchette.

In the second quarter Capisterre played with more intensity. Only one player on the Newtown’s side seemed able to match Capisterre’s intensity and that was Andrea Jeffers, who played wing defense.

Jeffers was able to force a number of turnovers to keeping Newtown in the game with a score of 13-12, in favor Capisterre at the end of the first half.

The second half saw inconsistent performances from both teams with foolish mistakes, missed cues and poor shooting. The third quarter ended with a score of 21-21.

In the fourth quarter, Newtown went on the attack, with Vanessa Isles making most of her attempts.

However, Capisterre was just to explosive to contain, particularly on the excellent defensive plays of Amanda French and Kia Frazer, who did a good job in upsetting Newtown’s attacks.

The game ended with Capisterre edging out Newtown 29-28.