By Saju Ng’alla

The inaccurate shooting of goalshooter Jackie Bassue cost Carib Pearl Cayon Pacers the victory last Saturday against Nagico Capisterre Ballstars.

After winning the Ball-O-Rama on the opening day of the league, the Cayon Pacers became an overwhelming favorite to win the National Bank Netball League championship. That is why the disappointing draw with Capisterre, has left a bitter taste in the mouth of the Pacers.

Bassue should have made more of her attempts, specifically in the fourth quarter, where she scored seven goals from 14 attempts. In that same quarter Capisterre had just six attempts, and scored only twice — thanks to the ferocious defensive play of Cayon goalkeeper Shernelee Liburd.

Liburd played much of the game hurt and spent most of the time being knocked down to the pavement. However, when it mattered — specifically in the fourth quarter — she was able to intercept a number of balls.

Cayon though, was unable to capitalize on those stolen chances, even though Cayon center Pamela Huggins was able to deliver the ball exactly where Bassue wanted it.

Bassue — bothered by relentless goalkeeper Kia Fraser — missed most of those shots and Capisterre held on to draw the game.

The ladies of Capisterre are now poised to show the other teams why they belong in Division One play. Tomorrow, Capisterre goes up against bmobile Newtown, and that game is expected to go right down to the wire.

Yesterday the Pacers went up against the youthful Basseterre High School. Up to press time scores from the game were not available.

However, the Pacers have very little time to recover from the up-tempo play of Basseterre High.

The young and energetic ladies of Basseterre High would definitely wear down the Pacers players — perhaps leave them too worn to play against the league champions Coca Cola Shamrock, tomorrow at Netball city.

Look for the Shamrocks to win the game with a huge blow-out over the fatigued Pacers. It is predicted that the Shamrocks will come out blazing, specifically to prove that they are still the team to beat, even without the Jamaicans.

Last Thursday

Division One and Two games

Molineaux Netball Club drew with Coca Cola Shamrock 25-25

Bmobile Newtown defeated Digicel Trensetters 40-37

Nagico Capisterre Shotters slid past Sandy Point Ball Stars 39-36


Division One and Two games

Nagico Capisterre Ball Stars tied with Carib Pearl Cayon Pacers 33-33

Polstars defeated Coca Cola Shamrocks 2, 23-16

Coca Cola Shamrock defeated Digicel Trendsetters 40-31