July-December 2013 part 2 July and August The summer months in Nevis are always quiet. This was a period where we were able to spend some extra time training the dogs who were resident in our shelter. Playing with your dog exercises his mind and helps to build a bond between you. Many of the dogs arriving in our shelter did not know how to play. By providing fun activities that engage not only the physical side of the dog, but the brain and senses as well, it is much easier to train a dog to sit, stay, fetch, not to jump up and in general, become good canine citizens . It may not sound like much of an achievement but for the many dogs that have been rescued and were afraid of any human interaction before, it was certainly an achievement for them to see a stick as an element of fun, not of punishment. September : Bereavement. Pets give us so much as our companions. For many people a pet is not ‘just a dog’ or ‘just a cat’ Pets are beloved members of the family and, when they die, you feel a significant, even traumatic loss. In September our dog ‘Wallace’, a loyal companion for 12 years, injured his spine. The prognosis for recovery was not good and he was in pain. After x-rays and consultations with our veterinarian the hardest but kindest decision to have him put to sleep was made. Just ten days later, ‘Daisy’, our ‘Grandma’ of the shelter joined him in that special place in heaven for animals, that animal lovers believe is reached ‘over a rainbow bridge’. Daisy had been with us for 15 months, rescued from Jessups village, living alone near a bus shelter where we believe her previous owner may have died, leaving no-one to care for her. The passing of a beloved pet is something that almost all of us pet owners will have to come to terms with in our lifetimes. Quality of life is everything and we should never put our own desires to hang onto a pet, before the comfort and well-being of our beloved dogs or cats. The wonderful memories we have of our shared lives together linger and will always bring a smile to our faces. October: CARE Shelter Dogs –Stars of the small screen. ‘House Hunters International’ Nevis edition, aired on Friday 11 th make it to the final cut ? Sam, Marley, Genie and pups panted in anticipation , would they make it onto the show? Yes ! 30 seconds of fame was theirs as that segment of Steve and Shay’s visit to meet the Hounds of CARE threw the spotlight on Sam, Genie and the Newcastle pups . Great publicity for us ! November: The CARE Fayre Fundraiser Our fundraising event brought together people from all parts of Nevisian society – Local families, ex-pats, university students, children and adults came to enjoy the CARE Fayre. The Games and Lucky Dips, were a huge success with the kids and the Watering Hole Bar- run by the lovely Amelia- was a hit . We all wondered if any of the footage filmed in the Shelter back in March would with their parents. A group of very fit visitors Zumba danced till they dropped, winning a big prize. All in all a Howling Success ! December: The new CARE Nevis website is launched ! www.carenevis.org After months of research, photographing and designing, on December 7th the new CARE Nevis website was launched with a fundraiser challenge called ‘Match my Gift’. Thanks to the donations of many supporters we have successfully started to climb the ladder towards our goal of bringing a M*A*S*H Unit – mobile animal surgical hospital- to Nevis in 2014. Our website is informational and provides us with a means to raise funds through PayPal donation s to ensure the continuation of our mission on Nevis. Looking Ahead to 2014 and beyond. In November we published an article giving some guidelines for best practices in taking the best care of animals. To recall, that article stated that “it is universally accepted that all living, breathing creatures, whether human or animal, have an expectation that they will find food, shelter, companionship, freedom from disease and be protected from harm during their lifetimes”. These are known as the ‘Five Animal Freedoms’. In Nevis there is much that can be improved upon to provide the animals in our lives with a better quality of life. Our outreach programmes will focus on the many benefits that forging a bond between humans and animals can bring. Animals touch the lives of all generations. Pets in particular can cheer up a tired or stressed parent and provide a loving, non- judgemental companion for children. Owning a pet enhances a child’s self esteem, teaches responsibility and respect and compassion towards other living beings. The health benefits of owning a pet has been seen in studies which have reflected that Seniors with dogs go to the doctor less with minor health issues and even have lower levels of blood pressure when compared to non-pet owners. Pets provide motivation to get more involved with daily activities such as exercise and socializing. Overall goals for 2014 1. To reduce the number of homeless, hungry and pregnant cats and dogs through spay and neuter “The Big Fix”campaign. will look to engage the community in a serious effort in March to treble the usual annual number of pets ‘fixed’ 2. To expand the access of companion animals to low cost, quality veterinary care and wellness treatments 3. To work at removing the barriers that prevent involvement of animals in everyday life and to expand the therapeutic and service role of animals in human health, service and education. In 2014, C.A.R.E Nevis Animal Society wishes everyone good fortune, the best of health and loving companionships in your daily lives.