Caribbean Investment Forum Kicks Off Today In Guyana.

Photo: Guyana GIS. Preparations at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre
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The Caribbean Investment Forum is scheduled to commence today, July 10, at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre, Liliendaal in Guyana with an anticipated attendance of four hundred participants.

Chief Investment Officer and Head of the Guyana Office for Investment, Dr Peter Ramsaroop, outlined the agenda for the three-day event. He said the forum will spotlight sustainable agriculture, the transition to a green economy, and the digitalisation of business.

Chief Investment Officer and Head of the Guyana Office for Investment, Dr Peter Ramsaroop, stated that this is one of the largest investment forums within the region and has attracted up to 700 investors.

“We expect a lot of investors coming to see what is this about Guyana and we are pushing the Private Sector there is a call out for bankable projects because the investors are coming in looking for Bankable projects and we want to showcase what Guyana is all about,” Dr Ramsaroop told the Department of Public information in an interview on Monday.

He noted that agriculture and food security are among Guyana’s top priorities moving forward. In addition to the target of achieving the 25 by 2025 target, Guyana aims to achieve cheaper energy by 2025, paving the way for large-scale agro-processing and sustainable farming.

Dr Ramsaroop highlighted some of the successes of the local private sector, citing examples such as 60% of tourism sector projects, including the construction of hotels like Kings Hotel and Aiden Hotel, being undertaken by local investors.

“This event actually coincides with Guyana’s transformation as the regional powerhouse,” he stated in an interview at the Department of Public Information on Tuesday.

He continued, “Holding the Caribbean investment forum in Guyana is a lot of investors, a lot of business owners are looking forward to it because they want to be part of our transformation,”

President Dr Irfaan Ali is slated to deliver the keynote address, with attendees including delegations from Europe, the United States, South America, and the Caribbean.

Dr Ramsaroop highlighted the forum as a pivotal moment for engaging with financiers and discussing partnerships.

He underscored President Dr Irfaan Ali’s advocacy for consortiums and joint ventures, stressing their role in facilitating Guyana’s integration into larger economic frameworks.

Hosted by the Caribbean Export Development Agency in collaboration with the Government of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, the European Union, and the CARICOM Secretariat, the three-day event will feature high-level discussions on sustainable investment strategies.

It provides a platform for business leaders to engage in meaningful dialogue and forge partnerships aligned with environmental, social, and governance standards.

Source: Guyana GIS.
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